A fraternity rush chair tries to convince two rushees to join despite the fact that his fraternity's house is extremely haunted by a pissed off poltergeist. Rush, it's a bitch. Written by Bacon Directed by Atomic

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Nice Move


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    Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the skit. We had to cut a lot because it was running long. As a treat or whatever here’s my favorite joke that didn’t make the final cut.


    RUSH 1: I don’t think I can join this fraternity. No offense but, I mean, if I have to fight the devil or some shit then count me out.

    RUSH CHAIR: Dude, that’s ridiculous. You don’t sit down there and fight the devil. Only like one pledge in the history of the fraternity had to fight the actual devil.

    RUSH 2: Seriously, what happened?

    RUSH CHAIR: Well ironically the devil challenged him to a fiddle playing contest.

    RUSH 1: And the pledge won?

    RUSH CHAIR: No, he had never played a violin before, so he died.

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    Oprah ls A Dyke

    Did someone in the crew laugh at around 4:06? Ostensibly the camera operator? It sounded like it was filmed with a shotgun mic as opposed to a boom, which would explain why you would hear the laugh at such volume. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I only do this because the risk of being wrong is nothing compared to the satisfaction of possibly being right.)

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