Whack Job Preacher “Brother Dean” Arrested After Allegedly Spartan Kicking Girl At The University Of Arizona

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Nice Move


Most campuses have at least one crazy preacher shouting fire and brimstone at students as they walk to class. But the religious zealot at the University of Arizona is on another level.

The preacher known as “Brother Dean” was arrested and charged with assault at around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday for allegedly kicking a female student in the chest.

Dean Frederick Saxton made national headlines in 2013 for his stance on yoga pants — namely that if a woman wears them, she deserves to be raped.

Wait. You’re telling me a guy who blamed women for men’s inability to control their urges couldn’t control himself and attacked a woman? Shocker. Seemed like a real stand up guy, too.

Prime example of why prostitution should be legalized. If this guy got laid just once, he’d probably be somewhat normal.

This man is mentally ill and should never be allowed near any school ever again. Hell, he shouldn’t be allowed further than a few cell blocks for a good while. He’s clearly unstable.

I sincerely hope they bring the full extent of the law down on this tremendous pile of human garbage. I also hope Brother Dean runs into a big, handsy inmate in jail. Trust me, Dean, he won’t care if you’re wearing yoga pants or not.

P.S. — Dean was on VICE once:

h/t Tuscon News Now


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