Purdue Student Government Advised Students To Skip Class “To Heal” After Trump Won

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Nice Move

Smart students should love the fact that Trump won. Why? Because of things like this.

Don’t really give a shit about the election but hate going to class? Fill in the blanks of this letter, email it to your professor, and presto! An excused absence from class for absolutely no reason that no sane professor will ever contest at the risk of being reprimanded for “emotional abuse.” It’s foolproof. If the Purdue bars weren’t packed on Wednesday at 9:55 a.m., I just lost more respect for Purdue than I did when I went to West Lafayette and repeatedly said “Boilermaker? I hardly know ‘er!” and none of those twerps laughed.

The student government backed down quick, as expected.

I’m glad I Purdon’t go to Purdue.

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