Racially Charged Painting At University Of Minnesota Features Child Wearing SAE Letters, Man Hanging From Noose

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Nice Move

The forecast at the University Minnesota calls for a lot of shit raining from the sky. This afternoon, we received the following tip:

Currently in Greek life at the University of Minnesota. Today a member of my fraternity told me about at work of art featuring SAE and racial connotations on campus. After finding this art, it is a 10 foot painting depicting such things as a man hanging in a noose along with a kid wearing an SAE shirt. There are many other symbols such as a bible but the piece more or less calls out Greek life for perpetuating racism. This is in a school building and therefore would be endorsed by the University. Myself and other non-affiliated students are shocked by the art and I have a feeling shit will hit the fan once SAE and more people find out.

Here is the painting that he provided:


Don’t preach unity among students if you’re going to paint Greeks in a bad light within the buildings on your campus.


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