Grandpa told me if it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it. TFM.

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    right or wrong

    First off Dick Perry said this first
    And to everyone who disagrees with this you are the reason new money never gets old.
    to those same people who insist on buying everything….
    lets do some BASIC personal finance lessons…ok
    ill set up this hypothetical situation for ya guys

    if your grandpa buys a 10million dollar yacht it Depreciates in value… alot over time and you sell it for 5 million (this is being generous as fuck) when you get inheritance 20 years later (this is being generous as fuck)

    but my grandpa could charter that yacht for lets say 400k a year (ohh and he can charter new ones you’re stuck with the old one) and use the rest toward investments which return 10% annually. over that same 20 year period he could loose $5m or gain $37756955.55 ( counting compounded interest didn’t feel like calculating taxes)
    Either way grandpa gets a yacht.

    your grandpa might “OWN” that yacht (owning yachts TnewmoneyM)
    but my grandpa could own the company that makes the yachts in the same timeframe (owning companies FAF)
    what do you want to pass on to your kids..some old once top of the line stuff or an empire and nice experiences on “rented” things

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