Radio Host Absolutely Destroys SJW Heckler During UMass Presentation

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Nice Move

You’ve seen radio host Steven Crowder on here before when he trolled a feminist art festival by having his hot wife walk amongst the sea of jelly rolls and bowl cuts. Last night, he hosted a panel at the University of Massachusetts titled, “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?” (hint: yes) alongside Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos and Professor Christina Hoff Sommers.

As you would expect at a conservative discussion held at an extremely liberal university any college in the world, there was a Social Justice Warrior sitting front and center of the auditorium, ready to heckle and bitch about anything he may disagree with (so basically everything). But Crowder was prepared. He absolutely destroyed the heckler.

From InfoWars:

Crowder refused to check his privilege before comparing today’s regressive “progressives” with college liberals of the past.

“At least they thought they were fighting the system, they were trying to create transparency, they really thought they were for free speech. You people are openly and completely against it – you’re not fighting for free speech, you’re not fighting for rights, you’re fighting for the right to be a pussy and to not hear opinions that you don’t like!”

Hello, 911? I think I just witnessed a murder.

[via InfoWars]


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