Ranking NFL QB’s by their Better Halves

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32. Matt Ryan- Sarah Ryan (Married)


31. Matt Hasselbeck- Sarah Hasselbeck (Married)


30. Michael Vick- Kijafa Vick (Married)


29. Josh Skelton (Single)

28. Josh Freeman (Single)

27. Cam Newton (Single)

26. Robert Griffin III- Rebecca Liddicoat (Engaged)


25. Peyton Manning- Ashley Manning (Married)


24. Blaine Gabbert- Bekah Mills (Dating)


23. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Liza Barber (Married)


22. Carson Palmer- Shaelyn Palmer (Married)


21. Drew Brees- Brittany Brees (Married)


20. Phillip Rivers- Tiffany Rivers (Married)


19. Matt Cassel- Lauren Killian (Married)


18. Brandon Weeden- Melanie Weeden (Married)


17. Mark Sanchez- Eva Longoria (Dating)


16. Andrew Luck- Nicole Pechanec (Dating)


15. Ben Roethlisberger- Ashley Roesthlisberger (Married)


14. Tom Brady- Gisele Bundchen (Married)


13. Sam Bradford- Karlie Kloss (Dating)


12. Tony Romo- Candice Crawford (Married)


11. Russell Wilson and Ashton Wilson (Married)


10. Eli Manning- Abby McGrew Manning (Married)


9. Joe Flacco- Dana Flacco (Married)


8. Matt Schaub- Laurie Schaub (Married)


7. Aaron Rodgers- Destiny Newton (Dating)


6. Alex Smith- Elizabeth Smith (Married)


5. Christian Ponder- Samantha Steele (Dating)


4. Jay Cutler- Krisitin Cavallari (Engaged)


3. Lauren Tannehill’s Husband- Lauren Tannehill (Married)


2. Matthew Stafford- Kelly Hall (Dating)


1. Andy Dalton- Jordan Dalton (Married)



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