Recruit Picks South Carolina Because ‘You Have To Try To Fail’ Classes There

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Nice Move

I suppose it’s good news for this kid that the classes are — allegedly — so easy at the University of South Carolina that he’d “have to try to fail” them, because if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Arden Key isn’t the ripest apple in the orchard. Here’s what the class of 2015 Georgia high school defensive end said about his commitment to the Gamecocks:

“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail,” Key told Palmetto Sports.

No one’s confusing USCe with Harvard or anything, but to throw their academics under the bus like that within earshot of anyone other than your boys, much less someone who gets paid to write stuff and make it public, is just bad, bad form.

Luckily for Key, it’s golf season, meaning Coach Spurrier is currently living the high life, probably at Pebble Beach or Shinnecock and not caring about a thing in the world other than how to combat his perpetual fade, where to grab a drink locally, and his next golfing destination. Plus, this kid’s about two years away from setting foot on campus. He’s got time to make up for it.

But damn, son.

[via Yahoo! Sports]



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