“Red Lightning” Is FSU’s Ball Boy And He’s Better At His Job Than You’ll Ever Be At Yours

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Nice Move

It’s no coincidence that the Jameis Winston sexual assault case was thrown out today. Winston, along with the rest of the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles, has ball boy Frankie, better known as “Red Lightning,” on his side. With the gusto and zest that Red Lightning delivers and retrieves balls with, combined with his infectious positivity and sporadic sideline sprints, good fortune is sure to find him, and everyone else he’s associated with.

He’s not above shoving an unruly opponent aside, either. I hope to one day love something as much as Red Lightning loves the Seminoles, or ball boying. He has his own highlight reel, too, because he’s that good at his job.

I’m taking State to win the natty. Red Lightning needs a ring.

[via Elite Daily]

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