Redskins Fan Stabs Cowboys Fan After Monday Night Football

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Nice Move

When the Cowboys beat the Redskins 19-16 at Fedex Field on Monday with a field goal in the closing seconds of the game, the braves were on the warpath. Redskins fans went savage on rival fans unlucky enough to be on their home turf. One Dallas fan even got shanked.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Cowboys fan Mike Vaughn, you see people throwing punches and holding each other back. Vaughn approaches a ‘boys fan on the ground while a Redskins fan tends to him. As he continues to film, you briefly see a knife on the ground before a security guard covers it with his foot. Vaughn then decides it’s in his best interest to high-tail it the fuck out of there.

Wowwwww. This place is a war zone right now. Fights breaking out everywhere. One dude got stabbed.

Posted by Mike Vaughn on Monday, December 7, 2015

HTTR. Dude’s lucky he didn’t get scalped.

Image via YouTube


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