Report: Where And When Americans Are Getting Drunk

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For the second time this year, and after anonymously collecting data from 300,000 of its smartphone breathalyzer users–one of which could have very likely been me, as they sent me a breathalyzer of my own that I’ve had way too much fun with–BACtrack has released a report of its findings–showing where and when Americans are getting drunk.

The short version: We’re drinking the most during the winter months, and the drunkest states are spread out a bit, with higher concentrations in the southeast, the northeast, and some of those cold states where the only thing to do is drink.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.52.03 PM

The longer, more in-depth findings of BACtrack’s report can be found on, where they include an interactive chart that shows the average BAC collected on each day of the year. The drunkest days of the last 365 days were New Year’s Eve and the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Each clocked an average user BAC of 0.094%.

The BACtrack breathalyzer connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. It shows your current BAC levels and charts your progression in the official BACtrack app.

[via BACtrack]


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