Republican National Committee Puts Intern In Squirrel Costume, Makes Him Follow Hillary Clinton’s Bus

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Nice Move

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Some poor bastard probably thought he was getting the opportunity of a lifetime when he received an internship with the Republican National Committee. Maybe he’s an aspiring politician. Maybe he’s a future lobbyist. Either way, right now, he’s nothing more than some dude in a squirrel costume.

The RNC is seeking to warn people of the potential for disaster should Hillary Clinton make her way into the White House after the next presidential election. To do so, they stuck an intern named Justin into a squirrel suit and proceeded to parade him around town, passing out bumper stickers that say, “Another Clinton in the White House is NUTS.” Very clever, guys.

The squirrel has its own Twitter account (@HRCSquirrel) and has even starred in a Republican National Committee commercial.

The RNC’s plan is to follow Hillary Clinton’s bus tour as long as the operation is effective–and also to make Justin regret ever applying for his internship.

Good luck, Justin. Stay frat, RNC.

[via Washington Post]

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