Rick Pitino Dropped The Best One-Liner In Post-Game Interview History

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Nice Move

Louisville’s basketball program is good. Really good. It was no surprise when they rolled hapless Savannah State on Monday night to the tune of 87-26. I didn’t watch the game, but from the looks of the box score, it wasn’t pretty for the visiting Tigers. It was so bad that Rick Pitino put four white guys in. At the same time.

The highlight of the night didn’t come from any dunk, no-look pass or block. No, the highlight of the night came from the post-game interview with Rick Pitino. He was asked whether he hated seeing a team struggle the way Savannah State did, and he gave this gem of an answer:

You know things are going well when you can throw an Egyptian and four gym rats on the court and maintain a stranglehold on your enormous lead.


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