Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines, Part 21

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Nice Move


Crazy things can happen when you swipe right.

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Tinder Lines 1

Dynamite dick. Classic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.05.28 PM

Solid pickup line right here.

Tinder Lines 10

It’d be a “Miracle” if this line worked. LOL!

Tinder Lines 12


Tinder Lines 13

That sounds painstakingly pleasurable.

Tinder Lines 14

There should be a “post-shag taco” option in Taco Bell’s new app.

Tinder Lines 15

Same thing as last year.

Tinder Lines 16

The winner of this batch.

Tinder Lines 17


Tinder Lines 18

I thought his reasoning was solid.


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