Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines, Part 29

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Nice Move


Crazy things can happen when you swipe right.

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Tinder Lines 18

Rodger’s just throwing out hail Marys at this point.

Tinder Lines 15

Gatorade: Is it in you?

Tinder Lines 13

I think that’s up to Greg – He was down first. #BUTTSTUFF2015

Tinder Lines 12

He asks the question we are all thinking. #BUTTSTUFF2015

Tinder Lines 6

I don’t see how that has any bearing on this situation, but #BUTTSTUFF2015

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Tinder Lines 14


Tinder Lines 2


Tinder Lines 20


Tinder Lines 16

When you’re an RA, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Tinder Lines 19

This guy’s dog is chill AF.


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