Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines, Part 54

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Nice Move


Crazy things can happen when you swipe right.

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Tinder Lines 1

Wendy’s about to have her mind blown, among other things.

Tinder Lines 2

The Miracle on ICE (this joke would be a lot funnier if you were from Costa Rica because ICE is the name of one of their main cellular service providers).

Tinder Lines 3

Last week, guinea pigs. This week, hamsters. The rodent trend continues.

Tinder Lines 4


Tinder Lines 5

You’re perfect for each other, you fucking nerds.

Tinder Lines 6

Get back to him when you find out.

Tinder Lines 7

I don’t think they are on the same page.

Tinder Lines 8

That’s not the right hashtag, doofus. #NAMEGAGS2015, get it right.

Tinder Lines 9

None of us can.

Tinder Lines 10



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