RiFF RAFF’s Security Guard Absolutely Railroads Some Idiot Who Snuck On Stage

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Nice Move

Riff Raff’s Security Guard Ruined This Guy’s Life When He Jumped On Stage Last Night

The “NEON iCON” father to Jody Husky, RiFF RAFF, was playing a show when a fan decided it was a good idea to jump on stage simply to give the rapper a pat on the back, as to say, “Great show tonight, man!” It goes without saying the fan didn’t expect what happened next.

I just can’t stop watching this. Probably looped it in excess of 100 times by now. A member of JODY HiGHROLLER’s security team, Big Daddy Kane, delivered the absolutely bone-crushing hit. Hello, NFL.

The form, the tenacity, the impact! Everything about this screams Pro Bowl. The only thing he didn’t do was wrap the arms, but I guess that’s not something you think about when you’re looking out for the well-being of your artist.

Here’s a reverse angle of the hit for good measure.

At least Big Daddy Kane had the heart to throw the kid’s corpse back into the crowd rather than kick him out of the venue altogether.

Lesson learned here?

RiFF RAFF’s stage is not one you want to appear on without an invitation.

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