Rob Gronkowski Is Giving Us Peasants A Chance To Rage On His Party Bus

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Nice Move


The Winter of Gronk rolls on.

We’ve covered the fiesta on wheels that is Rob Gronkowski’s party bus in the past, but now you can actually step foot inside this rage behemoth with the man himself.

It goes without saying, I’ve already made my donation and look forward to the greatest night of my life.

The minute I walk on board I expect something like this happening:

gronk in a minion hat taking a shot of fireball. what else did you expect?! #worldchamps @patriots

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Followed by a lot more of this:

Then the ladies will start to flock:

We’ll hit the dance floor:

A commotion will break out when their boyfriends show up. I’ll be good though, Gronk’s on my side, after all:

He’ll throw those jabronis out of the club:

We’ll celebrate the rest of the night:

And leave around 5 a.m. in rough, rough shape:

It’ll be the most unforgettable night that I’ll have no recollection of the next day. I can’t wait.

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