Rob Gronkowski Isn’t On Snapchat Because He’d Receive Too Many Nudes

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Nice Move


Snapchat is a wonderful application for a few reasons, with number one being that its image destructing feature has encouraged a supernova of nudes to ensue. Everyone has a Snapchat. Except Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk doesn’t like the thing, refusing to ever use it. Yesterday, he hosted an #AskGronk session on Twitter and answered as many questions from fans as possible. When he was asked about having a Snapchat account, he gave the following reason for not having one.

Gronk does know how Snapchat works, right? Of course thousands of horny chicks are going to be snapping him all day long, causing his phone to blow up with notifications.

There was also a second question that caught my eye.

Hide your girlfriends, Texas. Gronk is coming to town.


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