Romney Selects Paul Ryan as Running Mate, Nice Move

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Nice Move

Mitt Romney officially selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, a hard-nosed fiscal conservative with a great combover. Ryan’s bio is pretty impressive:

Name: Paul Davis Ryan (solid name)

College: Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (underrated frat school)

Fraternity: Delta Tau Delta (nationally respectable)

Favorite Hobby: Fly Fishing (TFM)

iPod Playlist: Includes Beethoven and Led Zepplin (middle-aged frat move)

Career Path: Prior to his political career Ryan worked at his grandfather’s construction company. (nepotism. TFM.)


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    I can see why he’s a good conservative choice but I doubt he’ll help Romney to swing any on-the-fence voters. We’ll see how it works out, there definitely could have been worse choices.

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    I’m actually a little bummed. I was really hoping for a Ryan/Huntsman ticket in 2016. If Romney wins in 2012, we all know that VP’s rarely go on to the White House, and considering it’s unlikely that Romney wins (just my prediction), the next three months will give the Dems plenty of time to try to muddy the record and image of a good future candidate.

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    Pros: charismatic, great in front of cameras, pretty far right fiscally, school voucher system, build a border fence
    Cons: supported bailouts, not willing to touch military spending, not going to help with a swing state

    Good choice overall. Liberals will say that he is going to scare away old people with his anti-Medicare stance but I doubt it. For most old people just saying Obama is a big scary black islamist is enough for them, thank God.

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