Ron Paul: Sprinkle Some Freedom On It

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Nice Move


Dr. Ron Paul’s 3rd presidential campaign is in high gear. The 76 year old libertarian from South Texas might be a Viagra and a strong coffee away from his death bed, but his passion for futile campaigns is unwavering. This might be Paul’s last hoorah. The perennial fringe candidate of choice has even resigned from his beloved south Texas congressional seat to “focus” on his 3rd bid for the Oval Office.

Paul is a very polarizing politician, mainly due to his uncompromising positions on just about everything. Federal Reserve? End it. Drugs? Legalize them, all of them. Welfare? Nope. IRS? Gone. Prostitution? Definitely. Get the picture? The guy is definitely opinionated. His views may have pushed him to the fringe of national politics before, but he’s been given new life. He’s been called the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party, and he’s hoping to ride that wave to the White House.


So in preparation for the GOP primary, here’s what you need know about Ron Paul.

He Loves The Constitution: Like a GDI and mediocrity, Ron Paul and the constitution are meant to be. Paul has been America’s self -proclaimed defender of the constitution for 30 years. Don’t believe me? Some people sleep with a bible on their nightstand, but he sleeps with a copy of the Bill of Rights under his pillow because “there’s nothing like the feel of freedom after a long day.” A little creepy, I admit, but you’ve got to admire the commitment. It has simplified the way he approaches political issues. Want to know what Ron Paul thinks? Check the constitution. If it’s in there he likes it. If not, fuck it.


He’s A Ladies Man: In every sense of the word. Paul’s seen more than 4,000 women spread eagle since 1960. 40 years and running? Take that, Hef. He has such a reputation with the ladies that his first congressional victory was attributed to the number of women who voted for him. That’s crazy. Women can vote? And yes Paul is a Gynecologist but, one fact is undeniable, bitches love him. So can he ride the female vote all the way to the White House? I don’t know. Ask Hillary.

A Shot of Liberty with a Sprinkle of Freedom: This is Paul’s solution to every problem there is. Paul can somehow turn every answer into a spiel about personal liberty and the government treading on our freedom. I share his sentiment, but Jesus Christ man, answer the goddamn question. I know the founding fathers wanted a hands off government but they also wore wigs and didn’t have electricity so I don’t think trying to determine what George Washington would think about NAFTA is really the best way to go.

There you have it. The man, the myth, the … Well that’s it really. Until next time,

Ron Paul 2012: Sprinkle Some Fucking Freedom On It.



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      As of now, I honestly believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate that scares the left. Nothing would make the libs happier than a Perry nomination.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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      He scares both sides because he will tell you the truth that both sides won’t tell you. As a former staffer for this great man I got to know him well and I have never met anyone who is smarter. He can pull facts from the creation of our great nation to now day without skipping a beat, and then throw in some Austrian Economics ver bat-em to prove his point. He is the only one up there who actually wants to do the right thing. He is not there for his own personal gain, he is truly worried for the future of our nation. He will do what it takes to bring us back from the brink so we can all once again be able to prosper and live in excess without the worry of excessive regulation or some new tax on us the providers (top 50%) to give to recipients (bottom 50%). He may not want to meddle in other country’s business but if you screw with us this Air Force Veteran will not back down. If you haven’t even given Paul a chance just take a moment and read one of his many books, you will be enlightened.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    i supported paul back in ’08 but i really think he has a decent chance this year because he is smart and we need a smart person in the WHITE house

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    the gingershark

    Love this man!

    How can everyone on here be so far up Rick Perry’s ass? You know he used to be a Democrat right? He supported Hilary Clinton’s healthcare reform, forced thousands of girls to take Guardasil shots which killed many of them, and ran up a huge deficit in my state. He should go manage Obama’s reelection campaign like helped Al Gore.

    Ron Paul 2012

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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