Rory McIlroy Celebrates His Open Championship By Pounding Jager Out Of Claret Jug

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Nice Move

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After 18 holes, most men are parched and feel as if they need a drink. Rory McIlroy is no different. After completely dominating at Hoylake this weekend, McIlroy hoisted the Claret Jug and promptly put it to good use. Unlike Phil Mickelson’s choice of going with wine, Rory decided to go straight for the hard stuff like a true Irishman. His choice of liquor? Jager.

He’s living the dream: winning majors, having sex with new slams after getting rid of the ol’ ball and chain, bombing his tee shots, and taking jager bombs from one of the most prestigious trophies in golf. I would have gone with a bottle of whiskey or a nice Pilsner, but as Ron Swanson said, “There is no wrong way to consume alcohol.”

The Claret Jug would make a great pledge boot (except the pledges would never get the glory of drinking from it). You could fit a whole bottle of mustard, gin, Natty, and dip spit in that thing. We have DeVry Guy drink this cocktail daily.

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