Rush Boobs Request Lands UCSD SAE In Hot Water

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Nice Move

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Well it took a few years, but “Rush Boobs” are finally the subject of public outrage. Rachel Friedman, a second year student at the University of California, San Diego, uploaded a Facebook conversation to her profile yesterday where an SAE new member requested topless pictures with his fraternity letters written across her chest.


And it became local news the same night.

Phenomenal. If there is one girl on campus you don’t ask for yabo shots, it’s the buzzed-cut feminist that you met at a gender equality event. Kid knew full well what he was doing and how she’d react, and I actually respect the hell out of his troll job.

SAE has since responded.

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The actions of one don’t represent the group as a whole. PR 101.

But really, what’s so wrong with asking for nudes? Is it a sleaze-ball move? Perhaps, but getting asked to have your boobs represent an entire organization whose philanthropy is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research should be empowering for women not degrading.

[via Fox 5 San Diego]


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