San Antonio Cop Caught Texting And Driving On A Motorcycle

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Nice Move


Cops acting like idiots: priceless.

The San Antonio Police Department is investigating a picture sent in by ordinary citizens that shows a cop texting while driving, and on a motorcycle no less. Texting while driving a car is dangerous, on a motorcycle it’s probably somewhere between downright reckless and hilariously suicidal. The guy’s not even holding the handles! Hopefully he was at least texting about police business?


Whatever it said, that text better have been important, because while Texas does not have a law prohibiting texting while driving, it is definitely frowned upon. Of course this is far from the first time a cop has acted like a hypocrite. It’s sort of in their nature. But damn, if you’re going to act above the law at least do it for something cool. Take kickbacks from coke smugglers! Bang hookers like Hawaii cops do! Text messages though? Your shit’s weak.

[via KHOU]

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