Sandusky Serenaded in the Slammer

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Nice Move

Ever since Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 52 counts brought before him, he’s been awaiting sentencing in a jail cell. While I’m sure he’s been receiving plenty of hate mail/death threats, he’s also received the warmest of all welcomes from his fellow inmates, in the form of a serenade.

A former inmate told The Daily that, since his first night in lock up, Sandusky’s fellow jail birds have turned into song birds, mercilessly taunting him by singing “Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!” That is of course a line from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2. Apparently, the chanting lasted hours into the night, and day after day.

I will never again condone the actions of convicts, especially when I’m technically paying their rent, but I actually applaud the inmates. The former Nittany Lion deserves everything he has coming to him, including the possible 442 years he could have to serve. Even if he is able to get an appeal (extremely unlikely), I don’t think Sandusky stands a chance of making it 5 years in the big house without being seriously assaulted. Even convicted murderers hate child molesters.

I’m always going to maintain there’s a special place in hell for people who hurt children, but I think there’s one that’s even worse for people who hurt children after deliberately exploiting children at a disadvantage, which is how Sandusy utilized his “charity” for underprivileged boys.

Enjoy getting hazed daily during your time in prison, Jerry. And enjoy getting hazed for the rest of eternity by Satan after that.


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