Scientists Invent Wristband That Measures Your BAC

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Scientists Invent Wristband That Tells You How Drunk You Are

Meet the BACtrack Skyn, a new, wearable blood alcohol content monitor designed to measure the levels of Regret Juice flowing through your veins via the sweat on your skin:

From Venturebeat:

Dr. George Koob, head of the NIH’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said he expected the device to be a valuable resource for alcohol research community.

‘It can help doctors accurately measure a patient’s drinking history,’ Koob said. ‘This can help a lot with the treatment.’

I can already see about a million uses for the BACtrack Skyn. They’re more accurate than those shitty Amazon breath testers while still being cheap, so you know you’re going to pass some around and compete to see who can get the closest to the lethal limit. Or slap a little alarm on it to beep at you during the day when your BAC falls dangerously close to sober and it’s time to recharge.

Best of all, like Dr. Koob said, the Skyn’s purpose is to help treat alcohol abuse, so it should automatically be a mandatory addition to your Pledge Education program in order to ensure your pledges are successfully abusing alcohol. You’re going to want to weed out the ones who can’t hold their shit early.

The device should be on the market by next summer.

[via Venturebeat]

Image via BACTrack

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