Seattle Bar Owner Dumps The Rest Of His Pabst In The Street After Hearing PBR Sold To The Russians

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Nice Move

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Last week, we learned the red commies across the map bought American icon Pabst Brewing. While it may not have tasted the best, it was American owned, which gave it superiority over any foreign beer. The reaction across the states has been that of disgust. Peter Levy, the owner of 5 Spot, a restaurant in Seattle, shared the same disgust that we all had when he heard the news.

5 Spot has been proudly serving the iconic American beer for a quarter of a century. That all ended on Friday. Levy has decided he does not want to support the pockets of any Russian beer maker. Instead of selling the rest of the Pabst on hand, he took it one step further by just dumping the rest of it.

From My Northwest:

Levy was out on the sidewalk of his Queen Anne eatery Friday, pouring all of his Pabst on hand down the drain.

“I just don’t want to pad Putin’s pockets. My guess is that for every beer we sell, a penny would end up in Vlad’s pocket,” he tells KIRO Radio.

In all, he figures about $800 worth of beer went down the drain Friday afternoon.

He’s a true American by sticking it to Putin. Fuck Russia.

[via My Northwest]

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