Seattle Sports Bar Has A Peephole Into A Strip Club Next Door

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Nice Move

Seattle bar owners are making moves and grabbing headlines. First, we had the owner who poured out all of his Pabst to stick it to the Russkies. Now, we have this genius who drilled a peephole into his bathroom wall. The peephole doesn’t go to the ladies’ room–instead, it allows patrons to look into the strip club next door.


Peep hole in the men’s restroom at the Pole Position Sports Bar. In the Sway-Side #spanaway #polepositionsportsbar #smh #peephole #craycray

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Rest of the clip from original. #reddit #polepositionsportsbar #menrestroom #urinalentertainment #pinkeye #strippers #spanaway #swayside #253 #tacoma #dreamgirls #foxys View on Instagram

How great is that? Get shitfaced watching your team play and then go stare at some tits while you drain the dragon. And, if your team is losing, nothing is better than a quick pick-me-up like free strippers. Seahawks fans must have made good use of the peephole yesterday.

I can imagine that a lot of guys who frequent this bar catch pink eye. If you’re looking to find this bar, it’s called Pole Position Sports Bar in Tacoma, just south of Seattle. I’ll be making a trip up there some day. God, I love American ingenuity. Just another reason we are beating the world.

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