Selfies Banned At Bama Sorority

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Nice Move

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I received the below email from a student at the University of Alabama.

My roommate is a Zeta. She said that all members had to sign a social media contract banning things like selfies on Instagram because it was immature and made them look bad to PNMs for next year.

I haven’t seen a copy of this rumored contract, so the claim is unconfirmed, but I hope it’s a real thing because this shit’s great. If a girl doesn’t selfie at an event, is she really even there? If she doesn’t mirror selfie her outfit before a night out on the town, does anyone even care what she’s wearing? If she can’t full-body selfie, one that prominently and unnecessarily features her impressive cleavage, with the caption “New shoesssssss!!! <3" that you can barely see in the frame, can she even wear them in public yet? Zeta Tau Alpha at Bama has a No Fun Chair, and you've got to think the Zeta members aren't happy about this development.

Just look how much fun those girls are having. The selfie game isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Let them selfie.


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