Senior UGA Wide Receiver Chris Conley Trolls Freshman Running Back Nick Chubb On Twitter

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Nice Move

UGA wide receiver Chris Conley is at it again. Conley, who made a 26-minute “Star Wars” fan film on the University of Georgia campus, decided to troll star freshman running back Nick Chubb on Twitter with his own hashtag, #NickChubbSighting. It actually started on Nov. 20 with Conley’s own paparazzi-style shot of a less-than-amused Nick Chubb on the bus heading to class.

This morning, however, the hashtag really gained traction as Conley encouraged all his Twitter followers to participate. Freshman athlete hazing by upperclassmen has existed since the beginning of sports, and if this is the worst Chubb has gotten, I’d say he got off very easily. Some of the responses are actually pretty funny:

And let’s not forget the awkward penis joke:


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