Check Out This Sexy Harambe Halloween Costume That Will Have All The Bitches Looking Voluptuous

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Nice Move


Oh, I bet you thought we were done with Harambe stories, didn’t you!

Yeah, right! With only one more month until Halloween gets here, you better believe the Harambe madness is about to kick back into fifth gear. It’s going to be the most overdone costume of the last century, by far (adios, Kony 2012).

But, instead of just your basic gorilla costume, you could be seeing some sexy and not-at-all-racist lady Harambes out there when you are trick-or-treating (if you know what I mean). Yep, there is now officially a sexy gorilla costume on the market. Get out those credit cards, ladies.

For the low price of $49.99, you too could look just like the beloved Ape Harambe before he was murdered in cold blood by savage zookeepers. And it comes with a cute little banana accessory purse — which will immediately disappear sometime during the pregame on Halloween night.

Here is a link to the costume, which, if you aren’t already aware, is probably a little too racist for college campuses these days. Even when the joke is clearly not racist, it’s still a little too dangerous for what it could be interpreted as by triggered millennials. But if you want your girlfriend to look like sexy Harambe, then give her that link.

Harambe jokes should go the way of Harambe after Halloween — dying and leaving this world forever.


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