Sexy Olympic Volleyballer Winifer Fernandez Got A Donk, And She Loves To Show It Off

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Nice Move

Winifer Fernandez

There’s a lot of talent headed to the Olympics this year (I’m sure they’re all great athletes, too), but I think I just found my favorite so far. Meet 21-year-old Winifer Fernandez, straight outta the Dominican Republic.

Look at homegirl go. Feisty as fuck. Despite being half the size of her teammates, she’s still rocking the team captain jersey. At first I thought she was petite, but she’s actually 5’7″ — the rest of those Dominican girls are just giants.

She’s also got a perfect ass that she loves to show off on Instagram. I’m baffled she only has 4K followers.

Hnngh. Cute, innocent face. Juicy, Central American booty. She makes me think dirty thoughts. Like “Rio water supply” dirty. I think I’m legitimately in love.

P.S.: God Bless volleyball shorts.

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