Shameless Staring At Boobs Is Good For Your Health, According To Science

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Nice Move

Germany, you’re a weird place, but you occasionally come through in the clutch. Or, in this case, the cleavage. A recent study out of a lab that does research on aging suggests, for health reasons of course, you should spend 10 minutes per day staring (shamelessly, of course) at some double Ds. This is possibly the best boob related news since the invention of the wet t-shirt contest and boob jobs.
The reasoning beind the research is simple: sex-related tension relief is key to maintaining cardiovascular health. Even the simple act of looking at sex-related things is apparently great for your health. As much benefit is gained here as is gained when you spend an average amount of time at the gym. I didn’t know dirty daydreams counted as exercise. Apparently I’m in amazing, Olympian shape.
If you’re over 40, the benefits increase, becoming more important to your health. Remember that when your wife is holding out later in life, guys. Keep that ace up your sleeve, ready to use at all times. Until then, remember to thank your current and future fuck buddies for helping keep your heart healthy. Boobs: saving lives every day.

[via KSFO]



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