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Nice Move

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As you might remember, Total Frat Move was completely comprised of user generated one-liners when we first launched back in 2010. Those TFMs, along with some of the best photo submissions on the planet, were the foundation that blew this website up. Suddenly, Greek life had a voice on the internet that was relatable, unique, and unapologetic.

Now we have millions of visitors each month, and the TFM twitter account has over one million followers. Needless to say, this is, in large part, thanks to you, the readers, and the content you’ve submitted over the years.

With that in mind, we wanted to remind you that we need you, and want you, in a totally nonsexual way. Keep on submitting your ridiculous photos and hilarious one-liners, and we’ll keep on posting them. We even updated the TFM app so that you’re now able to submit one liners, photos, and news tips directly through it. So not only is that a great place to check out our daily content, like Fail Friday or Instagram Babe Of The Day, while you’re bored in class, but you can submit your own awesome content through that mofo as well now.

Get in there and do work.

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We’re looking to raise the bar with the site as a whole. Help us by downloading the app and firing awesome shit our way.


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