Shia LaBeouf Is High Again, This Time Really Patriotic

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Nice Move

Any of you dopers know what kind of drugs make you grow gnarly rat tails and film psychotic, inspirational videos and headbutt people and yell “America!” at national monuments? I want to try whatever it is Shia is on this 4th of July, only a much less potent form of it, to get my patriotism on. Can’t be topped.

Shia. Is. Jacked. about America in this video taken at Mt. Rushmore. I love it. You can almost hear the American pride and PCP coursing through his veins.

I really hope this kid doesn’t Chris Farley himself and rob us of free entertainment like this throughout the years. It’d be a real shame. Hey, Shia. Chill out, man. We’re all worried about you. Maybe don’t take so many drugs at once. I don’t know. Let’s spread them out a bit, maybe?

Obligatory Shia at a red light in Burbank, which is low-key the greatest Shia video on the internet:

[via TMZ]

Image via YouTube


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