Show Your Support To Rename The Bengals To The Cincinnati Harambes With This T-Shirt

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Nice Move

With the petition to change the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cincinnati Harambes rapidly approaching its goal of 25,000 signees, the late gorilla could easily become the city’s new mascot. He should become the city’s new mascot. As the petition’s founder notes:

The Cleveland Browns named their team after a former Coach who made a great impact on their city so why cant the Bengals do it as well in honor of a hero who made an impact on their city too! #DicksoutforHarambe

A city icon. Damn straight. He’s a worldwide icon. What the hell does a Bengal even have to do with the city? It’s just a generic team name. If there was a Bengal at the Cincinnati Zoo who sacrificed his life to inspire all of us, then I’d say go ahead and keep the name. But there wasn’t. It’s time to pass the torch.

To show your support for changing the team name to the Harambes, pick up one of our brand spankin’ new Cincinnati Harambes t-shirts.


The Bengals administration has yet to acknowledge the petition, but if we can get enough people to walk the streets of Queen City in these threads, they’ll have no choice but to consider the proposal.

Even if you’re not a Cincinnati fan, I still urge you to pick one up. This isn’t just about supporting a football team; this is about memorializing a fallen hero. It’s about showing the world that through the power of meme, great change is truly possible.

Please. Do the right thing. Hover your cursor over that “Buy” button, whip your dick out for Harambe, then mash it on your trackpad.

Harambe Bless.

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