Shower Your Friends With A Can Of Joe Paterno Beer

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Nice Move

Beer Showers on the beach. TFM.

Come college football season, you’ll be able to crack open a crisp, refreshing can o’ Joe. The Paterno Legacy Series of beer is coming to a store near you.

Jay Paterno, the son of the legendary Penn State football coach, teamed up with Latrobe’s City Brewing Co. to craft the American Lager. It’s not just a limited edition collector’s can, either. The brewers hope to stock your fridge with rows of smiling Joe Pa faces for years to come.

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From State College:

“This isn’t a can collector’s series. This is to build a brand. We’re originating it for football season, but if it is successful, it could go into taps or different kinds of beer,” Dudash said to the Trib. “We took our time.”

This is the perfect beer for when you’re underage. Joe Pa will be sure to look the other way.

[via State College]


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