Sigma Chi Chapter Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remarks, Claim They Were Just Playing Cards Against Humanity

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Nice Move

Sigma Chi Chapter Gets Boot For Planning Second Holocaust

The following tip came in this afternoon:

I know I go to a pussy ass liberal arts school, you don’t have to remind me, but my school is taking this PC thing too far. This is a developing case of Sigma chi getting the axe on campus due to “anti semitic remarks.” Now, I don’t condone that, but context is key. The rumor is that the remarks were overheard during a game of Cards Against Humanity. C’mon now, grow up and grow a pair.

Our tipster also noted that “Naughty Nazis and Jews” was allegedly being thrown around as a party theme.

He included screenshots of the email that was sent out.



Big ups to the guy for owning that he goes to a “pussy ass liberal arts school,” but back to the topic on hand. If the rumor that a “Naughty Nazis and Jews” theme party was being thrown around is true, it was clearly just a bad joke. In the year 2016 no one is actually idiotic enough to throw that party. Anyway, weird shit going down at University of Pugent Sound, which I didn’t even know existed.

Image via Facebook/Pugent Sound Sigma Chi


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