Sigma Chi Drew Brees Now NFL’s Highest Paid…Ever

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Nice Move

Drew Brees, the Saints’ Super Bowl winning quarterback, has thrown up record numbers in the New Orleans offense (broke Dan Marino’s single season passing yardage record in 2011), and now his salary is setting records. He just inked a new contract worth $100 million over 5 years, with $60 million guaranteed over the first three years, and an absurd $40 million during the first year. He is now the highest paid NFLer of all time.

I don’t have a calculator in front of me, but that seems like a nice, comfortable living.

Who dat, Drew. Austin, Texas’ own Brees has been fully embraced by the fine people of Louisiana. And now he’s locked in for at least five more years. I’m not privy to ins and outs of the negotiation, nor am I going to sort through articles to find out how and why it went down like it did, but it looks like both sides came out happy with this one.

Had Brees not agreed with the Saints in a long-term contract, he would have played through the 2012 season as an exclusive-rights franchise player, making $16.37 million this season. But due to a recent appeal ruling which stated that the tag he received from the San Diego Chargers in 2005 was actually his first NFL tag — making the 2012 tag his second no matter the team — re-tagging him in 2013 would have been even more prohibitive. Per ESPN’s Andrew Brandt, the contract will actually save the Saints almost $6 million in 2012 salary cap room from the franchise tag guarantee.

The biggest take away from this development, at least for me anyway, is that finalization of contracts such as this one means the football season is near.



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    Hail to the Purple

    He’s earned it. He put the Saints on the map. It’s funny to think that the Chargers got the better of that deal – LT and Drew Brees for the rights to Michael Vick.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago

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