Sigma Chi Of WFU Invites Sorority To Party With Creepiest Audio You’ll Ever Hear

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Nice Move

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“Hey girl. No, ‘girl’ is not the appropriate term. You’re a lady, a woman…with a deep ‘whuh’ sound at the beginning of the word…whuhman.”

That’s the first line of the Valentine’s Day Crush Party invitation that Sigma Chi of Wake Forest sent to some unknown sorority, and they used the rare audio invitation for a reason I can’t make sense of. Impossibly, the audio only gets creepier from there. Mix in a seductive tone, methodical pausing for effect, and some heavy breathing, and it all adds up to the creepiest, most uncomfortable one minute and 18 seconds of all time.

Without further ado, here’s the audio:

A bit rapey, isn’t it?

“Little X, big O, little O, big X, little O, big O, little X, little X, big O, big X.”

Little chance this invitation is accepted. Big-time embarrassment.

[via Soundcloud]

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