Smokin’ Hot Spearfishing Babe Valentine Thomas Is A Serious Catch

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Nice Move

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.42.03 PM copy

I think I’m in love, you guys.

Meet Valentine Thomas, a 28-year-old dime piece from Canada who would love nothing more than to sit on a boat, cast a line, and drink beers all day long. According to Canoe, she recently quit her job in finance to become a full-time fisherwoman. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the grouper-spearing goddess. Some people sippin’ the Haterade call her a “killer.” Don’t worry, Valentine. Those people are just jealous whales.

I don’t know why hot girls slaughtering wildlife turns me on the way it does, but seeing home girl pose with her bountiful, oceanic harvest makes my worm jiggle.

Hey girl, I’m a master baiter. Drop me a line?

I wanna flop around on top of her like a fish till she asks if I’ll be finished soon.

I’d tackle her box.

When the girl goes to get dinner #amberjacks #groupers #spearfishing #sustainableeating

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Holy mackerel!

Be right back honey, going to grab dinner! #dinner #fish #sustainableeating #grabonlywhatyouneed #backtobasics #modernversion

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Look at the size of that halibutt.

#uk #freezingwater #tropicalsoon

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I wanna launch my spear into her tuna casserole.

If her canoe ever sprung a leak, I’d know how to fill the hole.

I only hope a girl like Valentine wanders into my life someday. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but until I catch one, I’ll just be here playing with my rod. #allthepuns

[via Canoe]


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