SMU’s New Foam Finger Looks Like It’s Ready To Hit The G Spot

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Nice Move

SMU's New Foam Finger Looks Like It's Ready To Hit The G Spot

SMU football has fallen on hard times yet again. Stop me if I sound like a broken record. Outside of our men’s basketball team, school spirit is lacking across the board. It’s not the students’ fault, though. We’d love to have a team to root for on the field (and the baseball diamond, but fuck Title IX) when basketball isn’t in season.

Chad Morris is here to help clean up the mess that was left from the June Jones and his last two years on the Hilltop. How do you get your school spirit up? With foam fingers of course. And we aren’t just talking about those boring “We’re #1” foam fingers either. No, when SMU does something, they do it to excess.

Here’s a picture that one SMU student sent to us of what appears to be school distributed foam fingers.


Well how about that? I bet the ladies of SMU are a little excited about this. Who needs dildos when you can just play DJ Diddles with a foam finger?


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