Smylie Kaufman Goes Club Out For Harambe

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Nice Move

Smylie Kaufman’s got his club out for Harambe.

The Natural Light sponsored PGA Tour golfer engraved the words “RIP HARAMBE” on his wedge.

We’ve had college athletes show their support for Harambe — Patrick Towles dedicated his season to the late silverback gorilla — but Kaufman is the first professional to go dicks out. Hopefully, more big leaguers will follow suit and throw themselves behind the noble and seemingly never ending cause.

I know these golf fans would approve:

Real talk: Is Harambe officially the biggest meme of all time? There are memes that have lasted longer — like the Overly-Attached Girlfriend or the Sarcastic Wonka (RIP, Gene) — but I can’t think of one that’s had the same reach and impact as Harambe. Everyone in the universe has their dicks and/or tits out, and it looks like they’ll be feeling the breeze for a long, long time.


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