Smylie Kaufman Is Now Sponsored By Natty Light, Becomes Coolest Golfer On Tour

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Nice Move

Smylie Kaufman

Sponsorships are vital to an athlete’s livelihood, especially if you’re a golfer whose winnings aren’t guaranteed. Hell, Tiger Woods made hundreds of millions of dollars just from Nike (whose apparel he will still rep once he begins playing again, despite them ). He could have never made a cut again after signing that deal and still been rich.

Smylie Kaufman, who was part of the spring break crew that tore it up at Baker’s Bay, has himself a brand new sponsor. That sponsor is every college kid’s favorite beer: Natty Light.

Has a golfer ever been sponsored by a beer before? I don’t know, but I do know that Smylie is now officially the coolest golfer on tour with this deal. There are a few things the common weekend golfer needs to make their round complete. One of them is a case of beer. So we can only hope that Smylie’s caddy now gets to lug a cooler with him while Kaufman gets his BAC level up on the course. That would really connect with the viewers.

P.S. Nice swim trunks and hat, Smylie.

Image via Instagram/@smyliekaufman10


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