Snapchat Story Chronicles Drunkest Kid Ever As He Takes Punches To The Gut, Stumbles Around Town, Professes Bernie Hatred

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Nice Move

When you spot the drunkest brother at the party stumbling around, spilling his drink on people, eating pizza off the floor, and asking heavy girls if he can “suck their boob,” don’t you wish you could have someone follow him around all night documenting his actions? Lucky for us, one guy did just that. He Snapchatted his friend — who was probably the drunkest human alive while all of this was going down — as he bumbled around town. Then he sent the results to us.

Watch as he cuts rug on the dance floor, takes a few punches to the gut, professes his hatred for Bernie Sanders, then grabs a quick snack at the vending machines before bed — all while rocking at least a 0.3 BAC.

Absolutely amazed he didn’t get arrested. Respect.


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