Soccer Player Gets Jump Kicked Into Next Year By Fan During Post Game Interview

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Nice Move

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I’d be lying if I said I knew who Aquiles Ocanto was before today. I’m ashamed to admit it, but my following of Primera División Venezolana soccer has just fallen off dramatically in recent years. The frat blog life just takes up way too much time, and I have to be more selective with what I watch during my few moments of leisure. We’re talking about serious sacrifices on my end to the point that even A1 Ethniki Water Polo is no longer in the mix.

Today, however, was a pleasant reminder of what I enjoyed so much about those obscure sports leagues that I used to hold near and dear to my heart: the rabid fandom.

You think you’ll ever see Bron Bron get dropped by some Bulls fan during a post game interview? Exactly. But down in South America, all bets are off. Athletes have to keep their heads on a swivel, otherwise you end up like poor Aquiles here with your spine caved in. And you assholes thought Philly fans were bad.

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