Psycho At University Of Oregon Is Hulk Smashing Sorority Girls’ Cars

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Nice Move

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I’m pretty hungover at work right now from banging face with dollar Dos Equis and tequila shots down on the square in San Marcos last night (Texas State turns up hard for Tuesdays), so let’s just get this one done with so I can go back to sticking my face in the break room freezer.

From KEZI:

University of Oregon officials are warning students involved in Greek life to be aware of an attempted burglary and subsequent property damage.

In an email, the director of fraternity and sorority life said several cars at a sorority chapter were damaged early Tuesday morning around 2 a.m. Damage is estimated at $10,000.

The university is also advising students to double check that doors and windows are locked at night.

The university is notifying Eugene Police Department.

Someone must really hate those sorority hand sign bumper stickers.

Ten grand? This perp did some work. I respect someone who is good at what they do. Dick move, but a thorough, well-calculated, and well-done dick move. I hope they find this criminal mastermind so I can hire him to do some dirty work I’ve been meaning to check off my list for a while now. Steve Holt won’t even see it coming…

[via KEZI]

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