Someone Blew Up The Mailbox At Washington’s Chi Psi House

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Nice Move

And I do mean they blew that fucker up. This wasn’t the ol’ Black Cat in the mailbox prank. We’re not talking about a flaming bag of poop, either. This was some real explosive type stuff.

Is this a malicious attack gone dangerously too far? Or is it a good old-fashioned one-up in a heated prank war? You be the judge.

Police said late Saturday night members of the fraternity heard a loud explosion outside of their house.

When members of the fraternity went outside, they found their mailbox on the ground in pieces.

According to police, there were no eyewitnesses.

The article from Kiro TV is brief and fails to mention the name of the fraternity that had their mailbox blown to smithereens, but it did include a photograph of the house (above). After a quick search on the University of Washington’s IFC website, I matched the photo from the article to the one on the Chi Psi page. The address also matches the one from the article.

If some poor pledge had the misfortune of being tasked with a late night mail check at the same time this explosion occurred, this story would have been much uglier.

[via Kiro TV]



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