Someone Dumped Hundreds Of “Fire Petrino” Flyers On The University Of Idaho Campus

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Nice Move

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Though not as famous as his scumbag brother Bobby, University of Idaho head football coach Paul Petrino has made a name for himself in Moscow, Idaho. Unfortunately, it’s probably not one he would like.

At least one Vandals fan is fed up with his unsuccessful tenure as the Idaho football coach — where he has a career record of 3-23. This person went so far as to dump hundreds of “Fire Paul Petrino” flyers all around the UI campus. They are hysterical.

I’m not sure which point is my favorite: “Barely beat Wofford, an FCS team that went fucking 6-5 last year,” or “Quit on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14 with his bitch ass brother Bobby.” Those are both solid points deserving of meaningful scrutiny. He also added footnotes at the bottom, because he is a college student who understands the importance of proper sourcing. I’m not sure Paul brought national shame to Idaho football, because 80 percent of fans probably didn’t realize that Idaho had a college football team not named Boise State.

The university administration will absolutely have to respond to this. I mean, those flyers have 50 pt. bold font, italics, underlines and exclamation points. If I was Petrino, I’d start packing up my office now.

This comes as a surprise to fans across the country, who both didn’t know Idaho football had a fanbase and didn’t realize how awful the Vandals have become under Paul Petrino. Paul and Bo Pelini’s little brother Carl, both garbage head coaches, have proven that nepotism is alive and well in college sports. Maybe they should quit and start selling insurance or something.

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