Someone Is Getting Fired For This Insensitive Headline After José Fernández’s Death

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Nice Move

Jose Fernandez

Just two days ago, Yahoo! forgot to turn off an auto-scheduled message about José Fernández on their home page despite his death more than 24 hours prior. Now we have a headline from Newsday in New York depicting their win over the Marlins on Tuesday.


Oh no.

Smooth sailing is what you went with? How did that slip through the cracks? Multiple people had to have looked at that and thought, “Yeah, looks good. No one will notice the giant ‘Smooth Sailing’ at the top of the article. Just poor form from Newsday after José and two of his friends were killed in an unfortunate boating accident.

Yahoo!’s error doesn’t look as bad as this one because this one is all on human error. This wasn’t an auto message scheduled to go out. This was a chain of individuals who looked at it and gave it the green light. I get the message behind the headline. Noah had a great outing yesterday, so maybe a better headline would have been “Noah makes it look easy” or “Thor drops hammer, wins in rout.”

Just a thought.

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